On Friday, Nov. 3, more than 120 scientists, researchers, and students from around the Inland Empire and southern California convened at California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) for the annual Inland Empire Stem Cell Consortium (IESCC) symposium. The consortium's goals are to create a collegial environment for the interaction of stem cell laboratories across the Inland Empire and southern California’s different academic institutes, exchange ideas, and share their research findings on the basic science of stem cells, therapeutic potential, and regenerative medicine.

“As a medical school, CUSM has a keen interest in advancing biomedical research on stem cells and regenerative medicine,” said Dr. Hani Atamna, CUSM faculty and Associate Dean of Basic Research. “Stem cells can potentially transform how we treat disease and illness. The scientific and medicinal communities are highly anticipating what the next few years of research will bring,” Atamna added.

During the conference, podium presentations were given by scientists and graduate students from the City of Hope, University of California, Riverside, and Loma Linda University, in addition to the many poster presentations.

“Although we already have stem cell therapy available to treat specific disorders, the biggest takeaway from the day-long event is the commitment to continue our collaborations to advance this promising research front beyond the clinical trials,” said Atamna. “Members of this consortium are committed to improving healthcare in our community. CUSM was built upon this mission, and we are committed to moving it forward into action and practice.”