(Colton, CALIF – July 14, 2023) – California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) today celebrated the traditional White Coat Ceremony with 130 new MD students, along with their families and friends. During the ceremony, the students recited the Hippocratic Oath which states the professional conduct and obligations of doctors. The ceremony took place at the CUSM campus in Colton, Calif.

“The White Coat ceremony is steeped in tradition. The white coats received by students represent membership in the medical community and the acceptance of the associated responsibilities,” said Paul Lyons, MD, CUSM President and Dean. “The White Coat, along with the Hippocratic Oath, is a commitment to the ethical practice of medicine and a commitment to one’s patients and community.”

During the CUSM ceremony, each student was recognized individually and was presented with their white coat by Dr. Lyons, as well as Dr. Prem Reddy, CUSM’s Chair of the Board and Founder, who is also the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Prime Healthcare. The MD Class of 2027 will spend the majority of their first two years of medical school in classroom and simulation training at the Colton, Calif., campus. This will be followed by rotations and clerkships in years three and four.

During his keynote address to the students and their families, Dr. Reddy said, “I have always believed that medicine has the ability to change lives, and therefore change the world. Today’s White Coat Ceremony marks the beginning of your lifelong dedication to medicine, the trust patients will place in you, and the dignity and compassion with which that trust will be honored. By placing this white coat on your shoulders, it means we are confident in your ability to carry on the noble tradition of doctoring with compassion and dignity.” the top 15 percent in the top on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Each year, CUSM receives nearly 6,000 applications for the MD and MBS programs.

“The impetus behind founding CUSM was to create a university focused on teaching the art and science of medicine to students from a wide variety of backgrounds,” said Prem Reddy, MD, CUSM Founder and Chair of the Board. “The Inland Empire area of California is experiencing a physician shortaege and is the perfect location to create opportunities, find immensely talented future physicians, and support healthcare equity for all communities.”

CUSM was founded in 2015 through a substantial contribution from the Prime Healthcare Foundation and through a unique public-private partnership with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the County of San Bernardino. In 2018, CUSM admitted its first medical class and now has four medical doctor program classes enrolled with 520 students, with 98% of students coming from California. In addition, $2,653,000 in scholarship funding has been provided by CUSM, 35% of students are from low socio-economic status, and students are highly qualified, having scored on average in the top 15% on the Medical College Admission Test (MCATs).

The CUSM MD Class of 2027 is made up of 130 students. Inland Empire-based students represent more than 33 percent of the incoming class. More than 30 percent of the class are the first generation in their family to pursue higher education degrees.


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