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The Ethics, Equity, Professionalism, and Mistreatment (EEPM) Process is a program through the Office of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Partnership that supports the learning and growth of members of our campus community in enacting a high level of practice in the areas mentioned above. CUSM has created a thorough and thoughtful EEPM policyaround these issues.


What is EEPM?

The purpose of the EEPM is to support our colleagues in embracing stewardship among one another while creating a campus community that provides both a high level of support and accountability for concerns related to ethics, equity, professionalism, and mistreatment. As part of this process, our office has created a form to anonymously share matters on issues you have experienced, witnessed, or heard. Raising concerns allows the EEPM leadership team to proactively respond to and improve our experiences of equity, inclusion, and belonging on campus. Gathering feedback helps us all learn, grow, and continually remain aware.


How does the reporting process work?

Please remember that when you submit a concern, your entry will help us assign the issue to the appropriate response team for action, intervention, and education strategies. We appreciate your willingness to provide candid and thoughtful responses so that we have as much detail as possible to address the issue to the best of our ability. We recognize that safety thresholds around these concerns vary widely, and we respect privacy and confidentiality. This form does not collect any personal data unless you provide it. If you do not provide your name and/or email address, your submission will be anonymous, and the response team will not contact you directly to follow up. You may see a response report in the periodic briefings provided by the EEPM leadership team.

Please submit the EEPM Process Concern Form to report issues around ethics, equity, professionalism, and mistreatment.


Questions regarding the EEPM Process?

Please get in touch with us at the Office of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity & Partnership. You may email us to schedule a time to discuss your thoughts or concerns.


Dr. Sunny Nakae

Senior Associate Dean


Dr. Joél Arvizo-Zavala

Executive Director